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Did you know...?

   The founder of our company, Nicole Kirk, interviewed the very first girl EVER from Durban, to become an au pair
   in America in 1996?


As you may know, countries had sanctions against South Africa until the release of the great Madiba in 1990. These sanctions were officially lifted in May 1994 and countries opened their doors to do business with South Africa again.


Nicole started her au pair journey in the Netherlands in August 1994 and returned to South Africa after one year. She started working for an au pair agency, interviewing and recruiting hundreds of girls who wanted to have the same experiences. In 1997 she au paired again, this time in Seattle. She had a fantastic year as also became an on air personality for a major radio station, before settling in London where she is today. London 'just happened'....and that's the beauty about spreading your wings, there is a plan for us all out there!


Today, she owns and runs her au pair agency in London, which is IAPA (International Au pair Association) accredited.


Besides missing Durban everyday, Nicole always wanted to give back this opportunity to her community. Her dream came true last year when, after a few trips from London to Durban and much hard work from close friends and family, an office was secured in the hub of the community in Sydenham, Durban. A lot of thought went into this location. Sure, an office with a view of the sea would have been nice...but the thought process was to make the location central and accessible for EVERYONE, whether you were arriving by car or public transport.


We believe we have achieved this and have a team in the office to assist you, whether you just want to pop
in for information, attend one of our FREE information sessions or if you are ready to apply and
start this LIFE-CHANGING experience!


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If you would like to get in touch to apply, please drop us an email, telling us a little about
yourself  Nicole Kirkfounder of
Destiny Au pairs...
and your childcare experience.

 * You can apply from anywhere in the country, we also conduct interviews via Skype.